A house divided against itself can not stand. This is true for nations, communities, organizations and families, as well as for individuals. In the House of Humanity, the individual is the common denominator. When the individual is divided, the house is divided.

In the game of tennis, the English point counting system is: Love (Love *), 15, 30, 40, game. The game begins with Love. In the etymology of the word, Love is neither the result nor the stake, it simply serves to bring the individual back to Love, to nothingness, to totality.

The process involves evacuating anger, fear, guilt, resentment, thought poisonous forms and toxic energies that divide the mind, the individual’s home, causing the fall into disharmony and disease.

The purpose of life is to return to Love, moment after moment. To achieve this goal, the individual must understand and accept that he is 100% responsible for the life he creates. He must realize that it is his own thoughts that create his life as it is, instant after moment. The problems do not come from people, places or situations but from thoughts related to these subjects. He must realize that there is nothing that in any way resembles an “outside”. People, places and situations exist only in the form of what he thinks.

One problem is a repetitive toxic memory, which Shakespeare describes as a “moan already moaned”. A toxic memory that repeats itself, divides the mind against itself, against Love. The updated version of Ho’oponopono is a process of repentance, forgiveness and transmutation, a request to love to empty and take the energy place of toxic memory. Love accomplishes this by circulating through the Mind, beginning with the Spiritual Mind, the Super Conscious. He then continues his journey through the intellectual Mind, the Conscious Mind, freeing him from energies of thought. Eventually, it moves into the Emotional Mind, the Subconscious, emptying the thoughts of the toxic emotions and occupying the space thus left free.

Here is a cleansing tool of the mind that everyone can use to empty the toxic energies of his thoughts: Saying mentally: “I turn on the switch in my thoughts about myself, my family, my peers and of my ancestors “. There is no limit to the use of this tool. It is a prayer made to Love, asking it to cleanse the toxic thoughts that divide your Mind, your home, about yourself, your family, your loved ones and your ancestors.

The goal of life has not changed with the arrival of the new millennium! It is and will always remain the same: To be restored to the Love moment after moment. The achievement of this goal requires absolute individual responsibility. It requires, first of all, an understanding of the real problem that divides the individual, all the rest comes after. A house divided against itself can not stand upright.