Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian healing art of forgiveness and reconciliation. It has been used for centuries to correct, restore, support, and maintain peaceful relationships between people, Spirit, and Nature. It is believed that consistency in one’s external relationship starts by establishing harmony between one’s own body, spirit, and mind. Some Ho’oponopono practices have been practiced over time, and they evolve constantly. The art was originally found by MorrnahNalamakuSimeona, a healer who received a great honor by being named as Hawaii’s living treasure.

The meaning of Ho’o is something about to happen. Pono means stability, balance, order, adjustment, or harmony. Ho’oponopono translates: to bring into balance. The power of the word is accentuated when using the word Pono twice.


It is believed in Hawaii, Pono is to determine whether a thought, word, or action. According to the people who practice Ho’oponopono, one must realize, it does not only affect our present generation and community but also how it affects our descendants and ancestors.  All forms of life are interconnected. The family includes not only human relatives but also nature.

Traditional Ho’oponopono

According to history, the traditional healing system required the presence of the mediator. The mediator is a senior qualified practitioner who would guide the healing practice for the practitioner. The process requires a group of people who should interact with each other in a specific way. Morrnah developed the practice in a way that the process of healing no more required a mediator. The practice only needs the practitioner himself. No specific interaction is required between practitioner and other people

The miraculous powers of the self-healing practice of Ho’oponopono would have still been unknown to the world, if not for the efforts of Joe Vitale. He published a book “The Attractor Factor.” Joe Vitale is a well-known internet marketer, speaker, and writer. His major field of focus is self-improvement.  The world came to know about the phenomenal practice of self-healing only through the works of Joe Vitale in his book “Zero Limits.”

How to practice Ho’oponopono

Let us discuss how to practice Ho’oponopono in four simple steps,

Step 1: Repentance

As it is mentioned above, you are responsible for your own mind. Once you realize that, it is natural to feel sorry.  This realization can be distressing until you start accepting the responsibility for problems out there. Repeat,” I’m sorry,” that’s the complete step.

Step 2: Asking for forgiveness

Don’t worry about who you are asking. Say, “PLEASE FORGIVE ME” over and over. Keep in mind your guiltiness from step 1 as you ask to be forgiven.

Step 3: Gratitude

Again it doesn’t matter who you’re thinking. Thank yourself for being the best version of yourself. Thank your body for what it does for you. Thank the universe for forgiving you. Repeat saying thank you.

Step 4: Love

This step can also be step 1. Say, “I Love You.” It can be to your body, God, or the air you breathe. Say it over and over. It is important to feel and mean it.

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