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Hawaiian Meditation


A Brief History of Hawaiian Meditation

Many cultures have various forms of meditation, whether labeled as such or not, and many of those cultures also practice certain rituals or behaviors that promote forgiveness and reconciliation. Hawaii is no different.  Called Ho’oponopono in Hawaii, it literally means reconciliation and forgiveness.  I like to think of it as Hawaiian Meditation.  I think it would be wise for all of us to practice a little bit of that!  Daily reflection of one’s own actions and our impact on others is an integral part of well being and the path to a better life.  The landscape of Hawaii provides one with many tranquil and beautiful places to get started.  Meditation can be difficult to get started on, and even more difficult to master, but with hard work and dedication good things will come.

Pay a visit to the Haleakala National Park where you’re able to observe the amazing Haleakala Volcano and Haleakala Crater. Maui has an intriguing mixture of geology, topography, and climate which makes it especially distinctive and fascinating to see. Maui also provides the special experience of whale watching. Ho’oponopono is a fantastic technique. Ho’oponopono is a fantastic technique which works really nicely with meditation.

Learn which stage of pineapple is your favorite in regards to taste. As home to quite a few hotels, Kaanapali has changed into a shopping district for tourists. Ha breathe for no less than 5 minutes to develop energy. So Source requested the assistance of some skilled troubleshooters to come help find out the origin of the issue. You’re able to send an image of your crystal skull to get a message from it after you’ve downloaded the workshop.

Ho’oponopono What?

Dr. Len’s message might be quite tricky to trust, yet it’s amazingly easy. If you use up all your things to clean on or don’t know the best places to begin, choose a topic. As you created the issue, you have the ability to change it. You will have to deal with the dilemma which you might be altering the intended life path of the individual you’re healing. The entire premise of loving each and every person in life is really ridiculous, since it is not living a life with a complete selection of emotions. Such experiments suggest our choices surface from the unconscious mind, and they’re not formed in a rational method. There is an easy Hawaiian Meditation trick that could completely change your life.

Maybe you have tried lots of different spiritual approaches or practices or pursuits and you haven’t seen the results that you had hoped for. There are a lot of sports where there’s a lot of activity happening almost simultaneously. Every time a substantial number of people collectively arrive together with higher intentions like meditating on peace violent potentials will dissolve. The cost of a single retreat doesn’t substitute for different retreats but can be applied.

Make certain that your mobile phone is switched off and nobody will enter into your sacred space. As you look until the space between the eyebrows, concentrate on the light. There are a limited quantity of rooms out there. A house that’s regularly cleaned is simple to keep clean.

Build a stage in your thoughts. Together with travelling to obtain wisdom for this workshop. Generate an awareness of compassion and urge to heal the individual or situation or feeling or object. Please share this info.

Some Simple Guidelines for Hawaiian Meditation

Take your time whenever you’re starting out.  Listed below are four simple steps utilizing the concepts of Hawaiian Meditation:

  1. The very first thing which you should do is go to a really quiet spot.
  2. If you wish to increase your life, you’ve got to heal your life. Dislike them all you need and know they’ll never be part of your life again. It’s fine to think of them as probably among the worst people you’ve ever met in your whole life.
  3. If your head is full of clutter and you simply repeat the words, nothing will occur. When you can’t be disturbed by anyone else.
  4. Be clear on what it is you’re cleaning. Please pay what you could afford. You would like to get clear on what it is that you are transforming. It’s fine to hate your ex. Things aren’t bad or wrong.

One thing I like to do is, and its not for everybody, is supplement my meditation wind up/wind down with a little bit of CBD from https://bestnewsupplements.com/cbd-reviews/  Central vision isn’t nearly critical for the total picture. Peripheral vision makes it simple to take in a whole scene. So as to be a specialist in video games, you’ve got to have good peripheral vision. The main reason is that peripheral vision can be employed to relax.

Persist and go through the procedure fully, it is completely worth it! It needs to be healed, we need to be part of that healing procedure. Before just telling you the procedure here is a small background. The procedure for troubleshooting an important error includes the inception of a tiny infinite number of timelines running as a type of simultaneous simulation to work out just where the challenge is.

What to Take Away from Hawaiian Meditation

A half-hearted approach to Hawaiian Meditation simply won’t do the job. You will also get personal guidance on meditation which most fits your distinctive character from experienced teaching monks. No knowledge of at least one of these things is needed. So some type of ability to put in a calm centered state is what’s necessary. The capacity to see better at night as a result of peripheral vision cannot be understated.

Hawaii and Religion: When the Islands Find Faith


All About Hawaii Religion

A visit to Hawaii is not enjoy a daily visit to the mall! There’s also a totally free self-guided tour where it’s possible to observe the way the nuts are processed. Unfortunately, tourism may also be a source of issues too, especially if it isn’t managed correctly.

The culture and the folks are amazing. A mans religion is the most crucial thing about him. Anything about their very own religion that’s written by somebody else is strongly prohibited especially if it’s anything negative. Christianity works best in a totally free society, but a totally free society also brings with it the chance of a particular quantity of immorality. Judaism is among the oldest religions on earth.

The Importance of Hawaii Religion

In the USA, Florida is the important grower of acerola cherry. It is going to never leave you even when you’re not in Hawaii. It’s sometimes hard to get lost in Hawaii, but don’t hesitate to utilize your GPS is required. Hawaii is blessed by a diverse number of cultures coming from all around the world. It is renowned for its vast variety of plant and flower species which have arrived at the Hawaiian Islands from all over the world.

During winter, the ocean gets inaccessible, on account of the high surf, but it’s still one of the greatest regions to go to whale watch. This slice of earth is merely as dramatic because it is tropical. God has the power to prevent all those several kinds of death. Once a youthful man entered his 12th year of life, he’d be in a position to commence getting tattoos. Every time a young person goes to seminary, he starts to look at his religion in a completely new way. It’s to be repeated with total intent and feeling.

Ruthless Hawaii Religion Strategies Exploited

For many of Hawaiians, the manner where the nation became part of the territory of america is a bitter portion of its history. There aren’t any original certificates. If you would like real proof, you’ve got to look beyond the biased source. It’s said that these symbols provide protection from the Gods.

One of our favourite facets of the Cheeseburger in Paradise restaurant is the simple fact it is so child-friendly. Amazing emphasis is going to be put on the horrific state of the planet. Furthermore, it’s great practice. Then, needless to say, you say thank You. You might, obviously, surf the internet, and other sources to see whether there are any fairs, or other outdoor gatherings scheduled when you visit.

The day can begin with rain and look as though it would rain all day. Like anything new, it requires time to become accustomed to. When it’s too overwhelming then just do a couple of items at a moment. Everyone appears to take their time and nobody is in a rush to go or to return from anywhere. It is probably the very first time he’s learning the history of religion and the very first time he’s looking at religion for a scholar. It could be possible that their life is threatened by the cult in some manner, and they could be reluctant to make changes. If you consider it, you’re sure to understand that you do need the folks around you and they do make your life better.

Catholicism in Honolulu: A Hawaiian Tradition

The standard Hawaiian diet might have been one of the greatest in the world. If you eat here you’ll find more food than you need and the consequent food coma is absolutely worth it. The plants need great exposure to sun and normal watering for greatest growth. It may also be combined with a sort of seaweed indigenous to the limpet’s habitat to produce a delicious soup. It’s a blend of the British and Hawaiian edition.

At times you can discover records for lost churches if you’re persistent. Church baptismal and marriage records may be the ticket if you’re browsing for someone prior to 1910. There are several more records out there that you research. Not only is it a superb show, but it is extremely reasonably priced and centrally-located for people staying in Honolulu. For example, you can sign up to observe a live full production Hawaiian show, found in the Polynesian Center. It is not difficult to underestimate the scale of world tourism without being mindful of the figures. Hence the reflection of their rank determines the degree of tapu.

Hawaiian bedding are found in many distinct styles and sizes. Hawaiian quilts are for sale all around the islands but that’s only one place they can be bought. With these basic guidelines below, anybody can find out how to recognize a vintage aloha shirt without difficulty. The Hawaiian hook tattoo could possibly be designed with anything that’s associated to Hawaii. With such a wide variety of choices, hopefully you’re going to be in a position to find the proper hook tattoo. In addition, it influenced Polynesian tattooing too.

The History of Hawaii – From Island Chain to Statehood


What Hawaiian History Is and What it Is Not

Lastly we talked about the proverbs of ancient Hawaii. Hawaii is famous for its tropical climate, unique topography, and organic environment, in addition to its multicultural population. Today it is the only minority majority state in the country due to Asians, because of these migrations. Hawaii, specifically Waikiki, is referred to as the birthplace of contemporary surfing.

In 2018 Hawaii is obviously now part of america, most of us understand that. It is a truly unique and special place. Today, it is a part of the United States. It may be a cliched honeymoon destination, but it is also a picturesque location with its dormant volcano sites and verdant surroundings. It features a diverse range of micro-climates and elevations, allowing you to experience a wide variety of environments depending on where you visit. If you wish to start to understand Hawaii, this is a fantastic place to get started.

Hawaii is still the sole state in the nation to cultivate coffee. It was one of the last island groups to be settled. It has the most advanced telecommunications system in the world.

Hawaii’s Strained Past with Colonialism

A history of U.S. agriculture are available here and we’ve used their format. Inside this sense, any history is beneficial. As a result, the History and Humanities Program was made within the HSFCA to incorporate a few of the duties of the prior state humanities agency. Anyone that has been attuned to teaching history for virtually any amount of time (I started my very first book forty years ago)

has witnessed a remarkable evolution in attitudes toward just what the story really is and the way it needs to be taught. You won’t wish to lose out on Hawaiian history and culture, and will certainly become enamored with the legends which have been passed down through recent years. Hawaii’s culture is described a true mix of the cultures of the various folks who settled there.

The Fantasy of an Island Utopia

If all of the rest arrives to us, later on, that’ll be the icing on the cake. It remained isolated from the remaining part of the world for another 500 decades. There’s no daylight savings time. It’s time for those campaigns to receive their voters out, which I think will be an arduous task this year on all sides.

Have a look here if you wish to learn how you’re able to grow a pineapple at home. The ancient ways soon started to vanish. One of our favourite tactics to learn more about the valley is on horseback. It was also a location for families to take refuge in case of war. It has ever been a great place to call home, grow food and worship.

If you have not ever been to this event, this is something you ought to make an attempt to come to Hawaii, and make it a component of your journey. Due to the density of the region where the event is held, there aren’t any advantages to utilizing the shuttle buses if you don’t leave the event before it’s officially over.

Why Polynesians Make the History of Hawaii Happen

From the ancient Polynesians to the days of being a state, the islands have noticed a storied history that’s unmatched. Each island proved to be a distinct kingdom. To sum this up, Maui Island has something for everybody. Along the coast is a gorgeous black sand beach often employed by motion picture production businesses. It’s an excellent means to start a Hawaiian vacation.

The supreme Stargazer Guide Before you select a destination, specify a date, and choose to pack for the adventure, you have to first gather the things you’ll want for the trip, to make sure you are in possession of a stellar experience. It can become pretty nippy once you get to your destination, so remember to don warm outerwear, before venturing to the top. Halekulani’s location might be the very first secret of its success. The very first step includes choosing your location on a diagram of earth map, before viewing the constellations that may be found from that special region.

The Unexposed Secret of Hawaiian History

Yamanaka’s book was among the truest books I’ve read in a very long moment. It is frequently used in love stories. Ka’ahumanu, potentially the most influential woman in the duration of Hawaiian history, was thought of as the most effective woman in Hawaiian society as Kamehameha’s trusted adviser. Whether you’re a Hawaii resident or simply visiting for a brief trip, it is necessary to have no less than a brief understanding of these ancient lands.

The condition of the Hawaii is among the most recent to be annexed in the usa. The USA pursued an independent policy with respect to Hawaii. Five years later, they quietly annexed the eight main islands. Eventually, they magnanimously annexed the tiny island republic. The better part of the Natives dwelling in Hawaii signed this petition.

Hawaiian Proverbs to Live By for 2018


A Guide to Hawaiian Proverbs Using Ho’oponopono Techniques

True, English is a worldwide language so it’s natural to observe why English phrases are so common. True, but there’s more to this proverb. Hawaiian Proverbs and Hawaiian Sayings are a terrific method to. These quotes may be used to assist you get motivated or offer you a bit of advice on life generally! There are lots of ways that you may use these quotes that are outlined here. If you don’t find out how to begin your essay or where to search for supporting data, we’ll be pleased to help you. There are many kinds of essays, it is not difficult to eliminate an eye on all your writing assignments.

Slimlast Forskolin

Nobody can know whether or not a man who walks in the door will profit from the ministry. A bad person does not have any friends. He is not only the one who has nothing, but also the person who has, but wants more. He has no taboos. He does not enjoy eating with the rich. He may become rich. A bad person working hard with his hand cannot keep fingernails and can’t scratch. Ho’oponopono is more than just proverbs. It’s life.

Give someone what is owned. Defending yourself by attacking basically means you’re trying to injure the other person the exact way they are trying to injure you. A hungry person isn’t greeted. He is not visited. A self-respecting person isn’t shamed. The individual who lacks a hoe can’t cultivate. A person that has no food has some vegetable.

New Step by Step Instructions for Writing Hawaiian Proverbs

For the security of everybody in the building at any particular time, and to help in the education efforts, there are a few rules. In such situations, you must analyze the facts carefully. A few common examples of the term acraica can be utilized in these sentences like, athat was some craic last nighta, meaning athat was a wonderful nighta. Since the invention of the computer a lot of people are now able to get past figuring out how to compose letters by hand but understanding how to print out words by hand is a significant portion of a language and there are lots of instances where it can be beneficial to understand how to write in that language.

When love is provided, love. His love is something we have to learn. Family life demands an exchange of mutual support and recognition. It turned out to be a different world than we are living in now. Each day I try to work out my direction and earn a difference. It’s necessary every single day. Oh you may see them each and every day and know their everyday preferences. When you compose a resume for the very first time, it may take you some time to put everything in order and create your CV seem presentable. So you could be driven to write about doing it. Fortunately itas never too late to understand how to write and learning how to print out capital letters is an extremely significant part that procedure. All knowledge isn’t learned in no more than one school.

Life, Death, and Hawaiian Proverbs

The sailboat of a bad person doesn’t tack well. Hawai’i Island also has a lot of names. For an individual, poor at house, it isn’t a fantastic matter to be in a foreign land. Orchids are currently one of the most well-known cut-flowers, According to Wikipedia, it’s the most significant family of the flowering plants. Planting native species like the kamakahala is an extremely important portion of the restoration procedure, but locating a micro-habitat where plants such as these can survive isn’t an easy job. The tiny bird does not have any house, its house is a tree. The Friendship Tree may be the ideal gift for your special friend. A youthful tree is not difficult to straighten, but when it’s big it’s difficult. The family tree doesn’t go far.

Proverbs about quick weight loss are few and far between in Hawaiian culture. If there’s absolutely no patience, there’ll not be a Ho’oponopono spirit. Quite often it takes lots of courage to call yourself a Christian these days on account of the stigma that’s attached to Christianity.

There’s no justice for a destitute individual. Said of those people who are at peace with the planet, undisturbed and contented. It doesn’t make a difference how good a heart that person may have, if they’re not a Witness or don’t have any interest in becoming one you shouldn’t befriend them. If you don’t take care of possessions, it’s going to be stolen by rats. When you get them to think more regarding the selection of that specific word, most really feel that there’s no other word that fits what they would like to convey.



Hoʻoponopono: Implementing Forgiveness in the New Year


Hoʻoponopono Means Forgiveness

Through him you can get forgiveness for yourself so that you can begin this new year on the right foot! Request forgiveness from those whom you feel you’ve wronged. Forgiveness may not always be simple, but it can be done more easily with a couple of exercises and the correct mindset. To begin with, forgiveness may be preventative measure against future damage. Forgiveness doesn’t always consist of reconciliation, and having a relationship with somebody later on is about whether they are dependable and dependable and reliable, and at times you’ve broken trust in a manner that you may not have a relationship again. It is a gift to yourself so that you no longer have to suffer, so that you can find peace and provide closure to the situation. True forgiveness is a type of gratitude.

Learning about Hoʻoponopono is not hard. Forgiveness took many decades. Forgiveness helps you do so. It may also be correlated with physical health because hostility is associated with poor coronary performance. It will take time, as with anything else that is important to you. It acknowledges that no matter how much we may have suffered, we will not put another human being out of our heart. It is not a sign of weakness, humiliation or dishonor. Wish-fulfillment forgiveness is an effort to bypass the practice of forgiveness.

Why a Sound Mind Leads to Forgiveness in 2018

In the majority of contexts, forgiveness is granted with no expectation of restorative justice, and free of response on the portion of the offender (for instance, one may forgive an individual who’s incommunicado or dead). It is an important part of stress management and keeps a person focused on productive things. Fourth, forgiveness may be an important portion of the healing process when damage was done in a relationship. It is an act that one has to be consistent with. True forgiveness is not the same issue.

In Jainism, forgiveness is just one of the key virtues that should be cultivated by the Jains. It is the beginning of spiritual health. It may be considered simply in terms of the person who forgives including forgiving themselves, in terms of the person forgiven or in terms of the relationship between the forgiver and the person forgiven. There is no simple method to talk of bypassing it, and there’s certainly no effortless means to put true forgiveness into practice. Forgiveness is a means to go ahead. Forgiveness in marriage is a significant aspect in a marriage.

You can’t reach your upcoming goal if you’re mind is anxious. Ancient Hawaiian elders once took a native plant to calm their mind. Present day islanders go for something a little more modern. Focus ZX1 is probably the preferred brain supplement now, although many elders still chomp the leaf.

First and the most essential wisdom of forgiveness is that it’s merciful once the victim or guardian of the victim accepts money rather than revenge. In short it describes the procedure for consciously finding something each day to improve. Any sort of exercise is OK.  There are various kinds of forgiveness interventions. The sole true type of difference you’ll be able to make is to modify your perceptions of others back to True Perception.

The 3 Hawaain Principles Guiding Hoʻoponopono

1 ) Conviction

If you are convicted, if you should forgive, take some time to do it. Each time you judge, this is what it is that you’re saying you are. When you spend an excessive amount of time reliving the past in your thoughts then it simple to get started feeding your worries about the future.

2 ) Repentance

Don’t attempt to guess what is on a person’s mind. Work on turning over judgments from the degree of mind in which you find yourself. Attempting to read a person’s mind usually doesn’t get the job done too well in any way. Your sense of reality can get distorted.

3 ) Acceptance

Akin to forgiveness is mercy, so even if an individual is unable to finish the forgiveness process he or she is able to still show mercy, especially when so many wrongs are finished out of weakness instead of malice. It’s crucial to be clear that there’s no confusion between forgiving and accepting. It’s possible for you to learn and practise by yourself on the best way to manage your anger so as to help speed up forgiving someone. Anger is often just an intense emotion caused through an apparent injustice. Hate isn’t conquered by hate.

Forgive and Forget? Not So Fast…

The option to forgive is yours. If you should simply vent, enable the individual you’re talking to know that you’re venting and then specify a time limit. Heart patients that are treated with therapy that includes forgiveness to lessen hostility have improved cardiac health in comparison to people who are treated with medicine alone. You can be unique owing to your illness equally as much as having your wellness. If you do you are going to be happy in life because the crack in the sidewalk is merely a crack, nobody is to blame. If you genuinely want to make a more loving and supportive life for yourself, often the very first step is you have to heal and open your heart and start to live from it. Thus it’s a spiritual journey that is far deeper than simply quitting drinking or using.

About Hoʻoponopono


Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian healing art of forgiveness and reconciliation. It has been used for centuries to correct, restore, support, and maintain peaceful relationships between people, Spirit, and Nature. It is believed that consistency in one’s external relationship starts by establishing harmony between one’s own body, spirit, and mind. Some Ho’oponopono practices have been practiced over time, and they evolve constantly. The art was originally found by MorrnahNalamakuSimeona, a healer who received a great honor by being named as Hawaii’s living treasure.

The meaning of Ho’o is something about to happen. Pono means stability, balance, order, adjustment, or harmony. Ho’oponopono translates: to bring into balance. The power of the word is accentuated when using the word Pono twice.


It is believed in Hawaii, Pono is to determine whether a thought, word, or action. According to the people who practice Ho’oponopono, one must realize, it does not only affect our present generation and community but also how it affects our descendants and ancestors.  All forms of life are interconnected. The family includes not only human relatives but also nature.

Traditional Ho’oponopono

According to history, the traditional healing system required the presence of the mediator. The mediator is a senior qualified practitioner who would guide the healing practice for the practitioner. The process requires a group of people who should interact with each other in a specific way. Morrnah developed the practice in a way that the process of healing no more required a mediator. The practice only needs the practitioner himself. No specific interaction is required between practitioner and other people

The miraculous powers of the self-healing practice of Ho’oponopono would have still been unknown to the world, if not for the efforts of Joe Vitale. He published a book “The Attractor Factor.” Joe Vitale is a well-known internet marketer, speaker, and writer. His major field of focus is self-improvement.  The world came to know about the phenomenal practice of self-healing only through the works of Joe Vitale in his book “Zero Limits.”

How to practice Ho’oponopono

Let us discuss how to practice Ho’oponopono in four simple steps,

Step 1: Repentance

As it is mentioned above, you are responsible for your own mind. Once you realize that, it is natural to feel sorry.  This realization can be distressing until you start accepting the responsibility for problems out there. Repeat,” I’m sorry,” that’s the complete step.

Step 2: Asking for forgiveness

Don’t worry about who you are asking. Say, “PLEASE FORGIVE ME” over and over. Keep in mind your guiltiness from step 1 as you ask to be forgiven.

Step 3: Gratitude

Again it doesn’t matter who you’re thinking. Thank yourself for being the best version of yourself. Thank your body for what it does for you. Thank the universe for forgiving you. Repeat saying thank you.

Step 4: Love

This step can also be step 1. Say, “I Love You.” It can be to your body, God, or the air you breathe. Say it over and over. It is important to feel and mean it.

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Who is MorrnahSimeona?


MorrnahNalamakuSimeona is a gifted healer and a native Hawaiian Kahuna. She also developed a new system of healing. In 1983, MorrnahSimeona received a great honor by being named as Hawaii’s living treasure. The new system Morrnah developed was based on the ancient art of healing called Ho’oponopono.

Early Life

Morrnah was born on May 19, 1913, in Honolulu, the capital city of the U.S. state Hawaii. She belonged to the respected family of Kimokeo and Lilia Simeona. Her mother was one of the last few remaining Kahuna Lapa’au, one who uses words and chants to heal. Her mother also became a lady-in-waiting to Queen Lili’uokalani, the only woman to rule the kingdom of Hawaii.

MorrnahSimeona was influenced by this ancient healing tradition from the beginning. She grew up in a multidimensional world where her family follows a traditional lifestyle and the outer world was combining with the pressures of westernized cultures. She was recognized to carry this family tradition at the age of three. The training of the practice of healing is oral, handed down to the student from the teacher. There were no books and notes to read. Morrnah learned the art of healing by listening, remembering, and repeating.


Morrnah went to Catholic school where she was deeply influenced by the teachings of Christ. In addition to her Kahuna training, she went on to learn the metaphysical traditions of China and India. She also studied the works of Edgar Cayce.


According to history, the traditional healing system required the presence of the mediator. The mediator is a senior qualified practitioner who would guide the healing practice for the practitioner. The process requires a group of people who interact with each other in a specific way. In 1976, Morrnah developed the practice in a way that the process of healing no more required a mediator. The practice only needs the practitioner himself. No specific interaction is required between practitioner and other people

Later Career

Morrnah lived in the way of her ancestors and was respected as a valued member of her community. She practiced her gifts of healing for half of her life. She was also the master of LomiiLomiLapa’au, a Hawaiian healing massage. She obtained the ability to sense healing energies, which she later used in her massage treatments. Mornah also studied anatomy as well as the laying on of hands.

She also wrote two books “Season of the Mind” and “Dewdrops of Wisdom” for people who want to learn the art of Ho’oponopono.

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The ancient Hawaiian teaching of Ho’opnopono: marriage


John watches the result of his work on his computer screen as he taps. A message appears and tells him that he has just made a mistake. It clears the error and makes the correction. Nobody expects him to scream and charge his computer for this mistake.

In recent days, Peter has been reluctant to go to school. It does not look like that. He usually gets up and dresses by himself. “The bus will not take long to arrive,” reminds her mother. “You gotta get ready.” She talked to him but still does not understand what is going on. She goes to see her teacher. His reaction is typical of that of the parents in this situation. No one would expect her to search inside to find the source of the problem and its solution.

Bill, 40, has a severe and chronic backache. He is a volunteer patient in a training program for therapists. “How long have you had a backache?” Asks a therapist. “How did this begin?” Asks another. “Have you been stressed recently?” Asks yet another. Then, in the midst of this deluge, an unexpected question: “What is happening inside me that manifests itself as a pain in Bill’s lower back?”, “Who’s the smart guy? asks the instructor suspiciously.

There is no such thing as total responsibility, just as money is growing on trees. This does not happen on the surface of the globe, in social relations, within families, at work, in commercial enterprises, in regional directorates or national governments, or in religious communities, let alone in therapeutic media. It does not exist. Unfortunately, problems, illnesses and even death are the result.

Yet there is a way out of problems and illness for any individual who is 100% responsible for creating his life as it is moment by moment. In the ancient Hawaiian technique of healing by the Ho’oponopono, the individual asks Love to rectify the errors within itself. “I’m sorry, please forgive me for anything inside of me that manifests itself in the form of this problem.” The responsibility of Love is then to transmute the inner errors that manifest themselves in the form of the problem. Love proceeds by erasing and correcting the error, as in John’s example in front of his computer, but in the computerized data bank of the mind.

If Pete’s mother asks, Love will erase in her thoughts, the error that manifests as the problem of her son. In their work, therapists can ask Love to erase from their mind the errors that manifest themselves as problems in their clients.

In the marriage of total responsibility and love, the problems are resolved, health is restored and life regenerated. This is evoked lyically by Shakespeare in Sonnet CXLVI:

“Acquire time in heaven from hours of dust,
Be nourished within, no longer seek outer riches,
So you will nourish yourself with death that feeds on men,
and death once dead, you will not succumb to it”
Discover true love and forgiveness through the ancient Hawaiian practice of Ho’oponopono.

A divided house


A house divided against itself can not stand. This is true for nations, communities, organizations and families, as well as for individuals. In the House of Humanity, the individual is the common denominator. When the individual is divided, the house is divided.

In the game of tennis, the English point counting system is: Love (Love *), 15, 30, 40, game. The game begins with Love. In the etymology of the word, Love is neither the result nor the stake, it simply serves to bring the individual back to Love, to nothingness, to totality.

The process involves evacuating anger, fear, guilt, resentment, thought poisonous forms and toxic energies that divide the mind, the individual’s home, causing the fall into disharmony and disease.

The purpose of life is to return to Love, moment after moment. To achieve this goal, the individual must understand and accept that he is 100% responsible for the life he creates. He must realize that it is his own thoughts that create his life as it is, instant after moment. The problems do not come from people, places or situations but from thoughts related to these subjects. He must realize that there is nothing that in any way resembles an “outside”. People, places and situations exist only in the form of what he thinks.

One problem is a repetitive toxic memory, which Shakespeare describes as a “moan already moaned”. A toxic memory that repeats itself, divides the mind against itself, against Love. The updated version of Ho’oponopono is a process of repentance, forgiveness and transmutation, a request to love to empty and take the energy place of toxic memory. Love accomplishes this by circulating through the Mind, beginning with the Spiritual Mind, the Super Conscious. He then continues his journey through the intellectual Mind, the Conscious Mind, freeing him from energies of thought. Eventually, it moves into the Emotional Mind, the Subconscious, emptying the thoughts of the toxic emotions and occupying the space thus left free.

Here is a cleansing tool of the mind that everyone can use to empty the toxic energies of his thoughts: Saying mentally: “I turn on the switch in my thoughts about myself, my family, my peers and of my ancestors “. There is no limit to the use of this tool. It is a prayer made to Love, asking it to cleanse the toxic thoughts that divide your Mind, your home, about yourself, your family, your loved ones and your ancestors.

The goal of life has not changed with the arrival of the new millennium! It is and will always remain the same: To be restored to the Love moment after moment. The achievement of this goal requires absolute individual responsibility. It requires, first of all, an understanding of the real problem that divides the individual, all the rest comes after. A house divided against itself can not stand upright.

Nothing outside?


One of the most important things I’ve discovered with I-Dentité by the Ho’oponopono® is the idea of ​​being “100% responsible”. What has this changed perspective changed in my life? All!

In practical terms, that means that until then I believed that most of the problems that appeared in my life came from outside, from people, from circumstances, and so on. And then, thanks to the practice of SITH®, I realized that every problem came from within and that the so-called “outside” was just a screen on which the “memories” were projected. For example, in the past, a conflict with my wife seemed totally to be a source of “her” attitude … This simple idea that there is nothing outside allowed me to change my point of view and say: “Memories that go up in me are generating this conflict with my wife?”

With this awareness, instead of trying to “be right”, to engage in a drama, every time I see a light flashing in my head: “Clean up! ” So I cleanse and let it pass with confidence. As a result, conflicts are becoming increasingly rare and short and they leave no traces. And it is the same in all the situations of my daily life involving “others” or “outside”. Whether it is a leaky tap or computer problems, what is called “reality” is the product of repeating memories.

The wonderful thing about technology is that I do not need to ask myself: “But why?”, “But how?”, “But what is it?”. Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, Ph.D. often repeats Nike’s slogan: “Just Do it!”. Indeed, it is useless to understand how the heart works to stay alive. The heart works of itself perfectly well, so it remains for me to trust it. It’s the same with “cleaning”. I let go and I let it. I just need to go into “cleaning” mode using the tool that comes to mind in the moment … It’s like a washing machine … I select a wash program. I press the button and I let it.

During an IZI sponsor SITH® Basic 1, apart from the well known washing programs: “I’m sorry”, “Forgive me”, “Thank you”, “I love you”, learn more about 70 other techniques that make “cleaning” a rather playful activity.

At the beginning of my practice, I still had a tendency to think that cleansing applied to my relationship with others. In fact, thanks to this basic idea that there is nothing and nobody outside and that everything happens in me, I realized that when I say “I love you”, I do not speak to people to “outside”. I do not try to be “nice” or “spiritually evolved”, no. All I do is let the memories that lie in my subconscious free to leave and allow the Universe to transmute them. So I’m talking to them and no one else. So saying “I’m sorry” is just like pressing the “Delete” key on a computer. A problem on the screen of my conscience. Hop! I press the “I’m sorry” button continuously and the Universal Computer does the work on its own. No need to worry or wonder if it works.

The advantage of “SITH® Computer” is that all keys on the keyboard are used to erase. The “I love you” button is one of my favorites, but in the text of Ihaleakala Hew Len PH.D., “Who makes the decisions?”, The “Thank you” key, the “Solarized blue water” “, the” strawberries “key and the” blueberries “key, … There are many others, as simple, whose use is explained in detail during the courses.

Before I finish this little report about my experience, I would like to come back to this notion of “100%” responsibility. “In fact it does not mean” 100% guilt. “Nothing to see. I have to make cleaning a tedious task Cleaning is as simple and regular as breathing When you breathe you know you breathe for yourself, but the rest, assimilation, physico-chemical exchanges, no need to breathe worry or “understand” how to do, it is Life that takes care of it.

For me today, cleansing has become a daily hygiene that allows me to stay as far as possible out of judgments, expectations and any dualistic perception of things; a foretaste of the “Peace of the I” that surpasses all understanding “.