I recently received a wonderful note from a friend congratulating me for my 24th wedding anniversary and evoking her experience of Self Identity by Ho’oponopono, this traditional Hawaiian problem-solving art. She wrote, what has come to my mind lately is how we CHANGE over the years from the day we commit ourselves – physically mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Do the newlyweds have any idea? Personally I did not know. “She went on to tell me how much the method had been practical in her case and how grateful she was.

I was struck by his description of Ho’oponopono as a practical method. Hawaiians think our goal here is to let go and let LOVE solve our problems. We have the opportunity in every situation to accept responsibility for problems and to erase ourselves. Let’s imagine we are going through each day, ready to see every problem as an opportunity, as a chance to let go, let change happen and see where inspiration leads us.

I laughed into myself as I remembered her words, thinking of my husband and the point where life led me. I had no idea. And it seems so true that we have no idea what changes will happen in us, in our relationships, our families, our work and in the world. Hawaiians consider it not our role to know how things should unfold, it is the role of LOVE, God, the Divine, the Creator, the Goddess, whatever the name you use it for that. As they like to say, we are here only to improve ourselves.

The Identity of Self by the Ho’oponopono considers each problem not as an ordeal but as an opportunity. The problems are just memories of the past that appear to give us a new chance to see with the eyes of Love and act by inspiration. Thanks to a series of problem-solving tools, the Ho’oponopono allows everyone to assume 100% responsibility for the problem, to let go and to act by inspiration. One of the wonderful aspects of the process is that it takes only one person to apply it.

My husband and I come from a large family and we often do large family gatherings. I find it interesting to see how, over the years, these meetings have changed since I started using this method. Five years ago there always seemed to be some nervous or irritated about something, whether it was expressed or not. I often wished when this happened that they leave or they stop. With the method, I began to assume responsibility for my thoughts, for everything that happened in those meetings and for all the things I imagined would happen. For Hawaiians to be responsible means to clean each of these aspects.

Cleaning is done completely indoors. To be responsible does not consist in blaming oneself or in considering that one is at fault. It is just a willingness to recognize and respond to the memory that is emerging. In all the tools in the series of more than 60 cleaning tools available are implicitly contained the problem handling and affirmation: “I’m sorry, please forgive me.” We say “I’m sorry, please forgive me” problems. Often these have been present for generations. They resurface to give us another chance to let them go. When we say “I am sorry, forgive me”, LOVE erases memories, so that perfection may appear. We can not erase problems, only LOVE can do it. Have you ever noticed the number of times you have responded to a problem by ignorance, hope, blame, and anger without cries, ignorance or blame. It is not our role to eliminate problems: only the Divine can do it. And if a person wants to take responsibility for a problem, then inspiration can happen for everyone. is not our role to make the problems disappear: only the Divine can do it. And if a person wants to take responsibility for a problem, then inspiration can happen for everyone. is not our role to make the problems disappear: only the Divine can do it. And if a person wants to take responsibility for a problem, then inspiration can happen for everyone.

I noticed that our family reunions have changed over the years. People are more joyful, the small disappointments disappear more quickly and especially for me, I am less nervous and I look forward to seeing people leave. I notice that our children and members of our extended family laugh more, that everyone seems less stressed or worried about details and that we all seem to agree more easily. Have the others changed? Was it I who changed? Who knows? And with the Ho’oponopono process I do not even need to know. I just notice that I see my family more often with the eyes of LOVE. The members of my family have no problem … The only thing was that I could not see them as they are.

Unfortunately when a problem arises we often start thinking. We react, we reflect, we face, we react and we reflect a little more. Beyond our small problem has grown and this is chaos. Hawaiians see reflection as a repetition of memories that replay the past. We can do nothing about it. We are only where we are. The memories emerge to give us a new chance to be truly ourselves. So with every problem, we have a chance to take our responsibilities, stop thinking and start cleaning. We can ask the question “What in me has caused what is happening?” We do not need to try to find out. However,

Often, when a problem occurs and a memory is being represented, we do not realize it. And the present memory is not what we are. For Hawaiians, what we are is a very important question. We are perfect, made in the image and likeness of God, wholesome, complete and timeless. And memories are not who we are. Have you ever experienced having someone who reminds you who you really are and realize that it has nothing to do with your current behavior?

I have 15-year-old twins and they are very gifted to remind me who I am. Not long ago, when I answered irritably to one of them, he looked at me and said very gently, “Mom I do not know who is talking at the moment because it does not resemble you “. I realized that a memory was coming up and I apologized and thanked him. He had felt that the grumbling person was by no means his mother and had received the inspiration to take responsibility for expressing it.

My husband Kurt also knows very well who I am. Sometimes when we are trying to make a decision about something and there seems to be a misunderstanding, he whispers in my ear very softly: “Have you forgotten that we are on the same side? ” The only thing I can do then is smile and drop.

He reminds me that the part that argues in me is not really me. The Hawaiian Method of Self Identity by the Ho’oponopono reminds me of who I am, complete, complete, perfect, in the image and likeness of Love.

One of my favorite cleaning tools is “I Love You”. As in all the cleaning tools transmitted as part of the Ho’oponopono process, the responsibility of the problem is contained, saying “I am sorry, please forgive me” and leave Love transmute the problem. All we have to do is have the thought “I love you”. I can use this tool whenever a problem arises. I do not even need to feel: “I love you”. In fact I find it very effective when someone really irritates me. I just need to think “I love you” and Love will naturally erase the memory concerned so that what is suitable can flow naturally.

It is sometimes necessary to use the tool several times or for several days, or even for an unlimited period because there may be several stacked memories to be erased. We are full of memories of hate, death, agony, illness and these memories can be in our family, our ancestors or ourselves. We have the possibility of being released. Can you imagine what our children will look like when memories cease to be transmitted to them and they can live by inspiration? What would happen if we were able to let every problem emerge and live in the current? How would it be if we did not have to predict what must happen next, if the people we hope to see or meet call us all of a sudden and all the problems resolve without our having to do anything. Ho’oponopono’s Self Identity is a practical and very simple problem-solving method that gives us this opportunity. We are lucky to be able to be our Divine self moment by moment and to be in Peace. To experience Peace beyond comprehension.