One of the most important things I’ve discovered with I-Dentité by the Ho’oponopono® is the idea of ​​being “100% responsible”. What has this changed perspective changed in my life? All!

In practical terms, that means that until then I believed that most of the problems that appeared in my life came from outside, from people, from circumstances, and so on. And then, thanks to the practice of SITH®, I realized that every problem came from within and that the so-called “outside” was just a screen on which the “memories” were projected. For example, in the past, a conflict with my wife seemed totally to be a source of “her” attitude … This simple idea that there is nothing outside allowed me to change my point of view and say: “Memories that go up in me are generating this conflict with my wife?”

With this awareness, instead of trying to “be right”, to engage in a drama, every time I see a light flashing in my head: “Clean up! ” So I cleanse and let it pass with confidence. As a result, conflicts are becoming increasingly rare and short and they leave no traces. And it is the same in all the situations of my daily life involving “others” or “outside”. Whether it is a leaky tap or computer problems, what is called “reality” is the product of repeating memories.

The wonderful thing about technology is that I do not need to ask myself: “But why?”, “But how?”, “But what is it?”. Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, Ph.D. often repeats Nike’s slogan: “Just Do it!”. Indeed, it is useless to understand how the heart works to stay alive. The heart works of itself perfectly well, so it remains for me to trust it. It’s the same with “cleaning”. I let go and I let it. I just need to go into “cleaning” mode using the tool that comes to mind in the moment … It’s like a washing machine … I select a wash program. I press the button and I let it.

During an IZI sponsor SITH® Basic 1, apart from the well known washing programs: “I’m sorry”, “Forgive me”, “Thank you”, “I love you”, learn more about 70 other techniques that make “cleaning” a rather playful activity.

At the beginning of my practice, I still had a tendency to think that cleansing applied to my relationship with others. In fact, thanks to this basic idea that there is nothing and nobody outside and that everything happens in me, I realized that when I say “I love you”, I do not speak to people to “outside”. I do not try to be “nice” or “spiritually evolved”, no. All I do is let the memories that lie in my subconscious free to leave and allow the Universe to transmute them. So I’m talking to them and no one else. So saying “I’m sorry” is just like pressing the “Delete” key on a computer. A problem on the screen of my conscience. Hop! I press the “I’m sorry” button continuously and the Universal Computer does the work on its own. No need to worry or wonder if it works.

The advantage of “SITH® Computer” is that all keys on the keyboard are used to erase. The “I love you” button is one of my favorites, but in the text of Ihaleakala Hew Len PH.D., “Who makes the decisions?”, The “Thank you” key, the “Solarized blue water” “, the” strawberries “key and the” blueberries “key, … There are many others, as simple, whose use is explained in detail during the courses.

Before I finish this little report about my experience, I would like to come back to this notion of “100%” responsibility. “In fact it does not mean” 100% guilt. “Nothing to see. I have to make cleaning a tedious task Cleaning is as simple and regular as breathing When you breathe you know you breathe for yourself, but the rest, assimilation, physico-chemical exchanges, no need to breathe worry or “understand” how to do, it is Life that takes care of it.

For me today, cleansing has become a daily hygiene that allows me to stay as far as possible out of judgments, expectations and any dualistic perception of things; a foretaste of the “Peace of the I” that surpasses all understanding “.