John watches the result of his work on his computer screen as he taps. A message appears and tells him that he has just made a mistake. It clears the error and makes the correction. Nobody expects him to scream and charge his computer for this mistake.

In recent days, Peter has been reluctant to go to school. It does not look like that. He usually gets up and dresses by himself. “The bus will not take long to arrive,” reminds her mother. “You gotta get ready.” She talked to him but still does not understand what is going on. She goes to see her teacher. His reaction is typical of that of the parents in this situation. No one would expect her to search inside to find the source of the problem and its solution.

Bill, 40, has a severe and chronic backache. He is a volunteer patient in a training program for therapists. “How long have you had a backache?” Asks a therapist. “How did this begin?” Asks another. “Have you been stressed recently?” Asks yet another. Then, in the midst of this deluge, an unexpected question: “What is happening inside me that manifests itself as a pain in Bill’s lower back?”, “Who’s the smart guy? asks the instructor suspiciously.

There is no such thing as total responsibility, just as money is growing on trees. This does not happen on the surface of the globe, in social relations, within families, at work, in commercial enterprises, in regional directorates or national governments, or in religious communities, let alone in therapeutic media. It does not exist. Unfortunately, problems, illnesses and even death are the result.

Yet there is a way out of problems and illness for any individual who is 100% responsible for creating his life as it is moment by moment. In the ancient Hawaiian technique of healing by the Ho’oponopono, the individual asks Love to rectify the errors within itself. “I’m sorry, please forgive me for anything inside of me that manifests itself in the form of this problem.” The responsibility of Love is then to transmute the inner errors that manifest themselves in the form of the problem. Love proceeds by erasing and correcting the error, as in John’s example in front of his computer, but in the computerized data bank of the mind.

If Pete’s mother asks, Love will erase in her thoughts, the error that manifests as the problem of her son. In their work, therapists can ask Love to erase from their mind the errors that manifest themselves as problems in their clients.

In the marriage of total responsibility and love, the problems are resolved, health is restored and life regenerated. This is evoked lyically by Shakespeare in Sonnet CXLVI:

“Acquire time in heaven from hours of dust,
Be nourished within, no longer seek outer riches,
So you will nourish yourself with death that feeds on men,
and death once dead, you will not succumb to it”
Discover true love and forgiveness through the ancient Hawaiian practice of Ho’oponopono.