Many people claim that the Jive Ear Buds are the “newest” thing in wireless headphones. While this is true, they also have a long history and there is some room for criticism.

While the JEB are a good alternative for sound and will make all your friends jealous, they do not cost a pretty penny. They may be able to deliver for a small price, but they may just be taking up space in your ears.

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Even though you have heard of the Jive Mini Buds and it is a cheap headphone, the Jive Ear Buds is far from being the style wireless headphone users in France are used to. The sound quality is not better than the other wireless headphones, and the fit is not as good.

Where the Controversy Began: Paris

These headphones are a low price alternative to the other, more expensive headphones, but it took the French some time to discover this. They are just not worth the extra price. You can get good sound, and a low price for these wireless earbuds is something of value, but you pay a very big price for it.

The fact that they are wireless means that they can deliver big bang for your buck. With no wires to deal with, you can take them anywhere and use them at any time. There is no need to plug them into a power source or into your car’s cigarette lighter.

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They may be just what you are looking for if you use them for music or phone calls, which they use the G.I. MIC processors that help the wireless technology work. It also helps to add a lot of bass to what would otherwise be very quiet music.

A smaller battery life may be the reason behind the low price of these headsets. Again, the low price for what is basically an AirPods clone should be enough to persuade you to go for the Mini Pods.

How Jive Ear Buds Gained Popularity in The United States

I really hope you will give these headphones a chance before you try another headphone. It may be harder to find in France due to tariffs and export tax, but they work just as well, or even better than the cheaper, higher priced headphones, and they give you good sound quality.

They also work just as well in rooms that are well within the device range of your computer. That way you can use them at home or on the road. The DSP processors in these headphones help them work better at low power levels.

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If you are expecting too much in the way of style and wireless technology you will be disappointed, apart from no tangles. In fact, they are just as cool as the more expensive headphones. The only difference is that they do not sound as good and may not offer as many features.

Overall Trends

They do come with a wide range of tips and sizes, so you can find one that fits your individual model. They can be adjusted to fit all shapes and sizes, so if you have an odd shaped head, you will be sure to be able to find the right fit.

No matter what price range you want to choose from, these headphones can deliver excellent sound quality. The wireless technology, if used correctly, gives a wide range of advantages to those who listen to it.

The choice between Mini Pods and AirPods is even more difficult than making Hawaiian rolls. With the proper research you can decide if either is right for you.