What is an incense? Why is this aromatic burning stick so prevalent in so many parts of the world? Incense can be interpreted in many ways, but lets start at the beginning and dive into the Symbolism of Incense. It is a collection of symbolic and spiritual principles and ideals that have always been part of our cultural, spiritual and religious heritage. This holistic approach to incense serves as a natural representation of the spirit and the mind and the heart. By grounding oneself in nature and meditating with incense in hand we can enter into an ancient meditative practice that has been practiced throughout time.

Incense sticks most commonly used in Asia.
Incense Sticks

Why Do People Use Incense?

Why is it that burning a stick with aromatic smells so soothing and transmitting for so many people? Incense has a great affect on many people in the religion spectrum. Religion and incense has While incense use had already been discovered in ancient Egypt and Rome, it was during the fifteenth century that the Eastern world really took to it and became obsessed with incense. It is said that Queen Isabella of Spain imported incense from China to help the mentally ill people to relax. Her efforts paid off and today her name is the most popular incense for this very reason.

Whereas in today’s society, incense can be seen to be used for aromatic smell to enlighten a room. Many people use non flammable incense sticks in their restrooms. In addition, even DMT addicts uses incense to set the mood for their trips. There are still several incenses available and there are literally thousands of uses for incense and all of the different religions all across the world do not all believe in the same use of incense. Many of the same traditions exist today and the same symbolism continues to evolve.

Five Different Types Of Incense Products

One of the most common symbols associated with incense is the Benben, which has been referenced as far back as the bible and other cultures. In Hebrew the Benben is known as Kaph which means to unite or make one. Together the Benben and Kaph serve as a central axis of spiritual and religious belief.

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Another common symbol used in incense is the data, which can represent either love or creativity. These two concepts can be found in several different places in religious teachings and it is my understanding that the number of data is a direct reflection of the rate of creativity and wisdom inherent in a person. It is interesting to note that the number seven is associated with creativity.

History, Symbolism & The Usage of Incense

Incense is the oldest form of religious worship and is used in virtually every religion. It was thought to be invented by the Sumerians and was first mentioned in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. The Sumerians were one of the earliest civilizations to form and it was from them that the first incense has been traced. Ancient Chinese and Hindu cultures also brought incense with them when they migrated.

I think that the key thing to remember is that while we may not all use Kaph and Benben in our everyday lives, we should not overlook the direct, spiritual implications of both. It is no wonder that the Eastern world continues to look to incense in their practices.

The fact that it was used as a form of medicine is just another way in which it was associated with all things spiritual. Today, in America it is still considered the perfect way to celebrate different events and holidays and many religions also look to incense in their prayers.

The importance of incense is one that is continually growing and is easily found everywhere in many cultures but it is perhaps because of its popularity that has made it the most popular worldwide. Not only is it associated with religion, but in time it has become a part of many ways of life and art as well. Nowadays it is more common than ever for us to see incense sticks as decorating accents on our home and in our offices.

Symbolism of Incense: Pros & Cons

The pros of using incense can help with: relaxation, meditation and spiritual settings. The purity of the offerings is such a positive symbol that it is not difficult to see why it is used in a variety of different styles of architecture and artwork. On the outside wall of our homes we find a plethora of different types of incense to choose from ranging from the common Benben to some of the more rare and exotic offerings such as the Kerk.

Some cons of using too much incense in your house hold are: incense lung infection and fire hazard. This variety is due to the fact that there are many different origins and different things to pray for in each culture. In addition, asmore cultures are being brought together, incense has been shown to have spiritual significance and is used to help bring the world closer together. This is especially true during the holidays when we often find great amounts of prayers for the health of the community being made to bring peace and unity.

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